I work from a photograph selected by you and can offer drawings in sizes A3-A1; A1 - 59.4 x 84.1 cm, A2 – 42.0 x 59.4 cm, A3 – 29.7 x 42.0 cm.


Provide any of your personal photographs. The photograph must be clear and not grainy or blurry for me to produce a high quality drawing. The quality of the drawing is reliant on the quality of the photograph.


The price of the portrait will be dependent on the number of people, whether the portrait is full body or focusing on the head and shoulders and whether you wish for the background detail to be included.


I specialise in hand drawn personal pencil portraiture. Individual portraits and portraits with multiple people or pets are available.


Portraits make a personal and heart felt gift for your family and friends or a memorable treat for you.


Portraits usually take around 3 weeks from order to delivery depending on the number of people in the picture and my work load at the time (it can get busy around Christmas and Valentine’s Day).


By sending your chosen photo I can provide you with a quote and any feedback on picture quality and lighting for best results.


Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are available in 1mx1m size and are perfect as pieces of furniture for rooms with limited space or kids play rooms. Floor cushions can be stuffed with duck feathers or with beans at a reduced cost.


I offer the service of providing personalised printed polysuede for you to use to reupholster your furniture.


Images chosen by you and hand drawn by me are used to form a print which will produce a one off piece of furniture which will be a centre piece in your room and will breathe new life into your old furniture.


I can produce as many meters of fabric of your chosen design as needed so that you can create your very own customised piece of furniture.


If you provide the dimensions of your furniture I can design and fabricate a made to measure cover to fit your chosen piece.


Your chosen portrait (or multiple portraits) can be printed onto a cushion with a whole image per side or repeated to form a patterned print. The size of the repeated pattern can be made to your specification.


The size of the repeated pattern can be made to your specification.


Squashed faces can be offered by taking a photograph of your squashed face up against a window or transparent surface.


Cushions are supplied with the original paper copy of your hand-drawn portrait at no extra cost.


The cushions have a hidden zip and are stuffed with super-soft duck feathers. Cushions are available in the following sizes: Small - 12in x 12in, Medium - 16in x 16in and Large - 24in x 24in.